Supplies and Tools for Metal Roof Installation

Many homeowners are choosing metal roofs for their homes. These roofs are strong, durable, and help save energy, which results in money savings. They are also low maintenance if installed correctly. 

However, the installation process for a metal roof can be complex. To properly install one, you’ll need the appropriate metal roofing supplies. There are many processes involved, such as cutting proper angles at hips and valleys and seaming parts together to create a durable roof for your home. Here’s a look at some of the required tools for metal roof installation and similar projects.

Commonly Used Metal Roofing Tools

  1. Hand SeamersHand Seamers
    Malco hand seamers are the premier metal roofing tools when you need to fold, bend, flatten, and straighten sheet metal edges. They feature ergonomic technology, making them comfortable to use.
  2. Hemming ToolsHemming Tools
    Hemming tools are essential tools for metal roof installation. They are used to finish metal roof panels at the eave line. These steel tools come in various widths and bend capabilities.
  3. Turbo ShearsTurboshears
    With turbo shears, you can turn your drill into a metal-cutting shear. Just insert the attachment into the chuck of a corded or cordless drill, and you’ll be able to quickly make straight or curved cuts in sheet metal.
  4. SnipsSnips
    Snips are essential tools for metal roof installation. Available in left- and right-handed models, these snips are able to cut sharp angles, straight lines, and 5″ diameter circles. The ergonomic grip offers comfort, strength, and sure handling.
  5. Nutsetters
    A nutsetter is also known as a nut driver or nut runner. It connects to an impact driver and is used for tightening nuts and bolts. Nutsetters are fairly inexpensive usually.
  6. Ridge Venting

    Ridge venting ensures there is proper ventilation in your home. At 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply, we use MultiVent10™, which is made from UV-resistant polyester fabric that allows for maximum air movement.
  7. Butyl Tape
    butyl tape
    Tacky Tape is a type of butyl tape used to provide a secure seal between metal panels in metal roofing. It can also be used on metal vents, gutters, pipe skylights, and flashings.
  8. Tripolymer Caulking
    Tripolymer caulking is a versatile product that can be used for sealing gutters, vents, skylights, and pipe flashings. It’s flexible and can adhere to many surfaces, even when wet.
  9. Closure Strips

    You may need metal roofing supplies such as closure strips to close gaps in roofs, particularly at the ridges and eaves. They are made of foam and pre-cut in 2- or 3-foot strips. They are usually sold by the bag in packs of five or six.
  10. Gooseneck Vents
    Gooseneck vents are typically used to cover exhaust pipes extending through the roof. The round design enables superior airflow in bathrooms and kitchens.
  11. Liberty SBS Self-Adhering Roofing System

    A Liberty roofing system is easy to install, with no tools required. It self-adheres, allowing you to install a versatile, durable roof in no time.
  12. Pipe Flashings
    Pipe flashings help keep roofs waterproof. They are made of rubber or EPDM and are able to fit various roof configurations.
  13. Rivetsrivets
    Open-end blind rivets are meant to attach to metal roof gutters, downspouts, and ridge caps to create a low profile. They are made of aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel.
  14. Full Stainless Cupped Head Screws
    Screws are necessary metal roofing supplies, and full stainless screws are no exception. They are used for securing metal panels. These screws come in various sizes and have a 40-year warranty.
  15. Stainless Steel Cap ScrewsStainless Steel Cap
    Like full stainless screws, stainless steel cap screws are also used to secure metal roofing. They have an attractive, low-profile appearance and come with a 40-year warranty.
  16. Tec Screwstec
    Tec screws can penetrate steel up to .210 thick. They provide a secure seal even when driven at an angle.
  17. Wafer Head Screws
    Wafer head screws are another type of screw you may need. They have a flat top surface and are used to attach standing seam panels, which they do with their specifically designed drill bit points.
  18. Zinc Screwszinc
    Zinc screws are used to attach steel roofing & siding. EPDM rubber is hardened to a steel washer to form a tight seal.
  19. ZXL ScrewsZXL Screws
    ZXL screws are used to fasten steel roofing to wood. They are very strong and have a 40-year warranty.
  20. Underlayment
    Tarco Synthetic Underlayment is a hybrid roofing underlayment that is highly durable and resistant to punctures, rot, and decay. It is applied parallel to the eave edge of the roof and is very pliable.
  21. X-Seal Tapex seal tape
    When purchasing metal roofing supplies, don’t forget X-Seal Tape. This special tape works great for sealing metal roofing, as it conforms to contours and fills gaps. It maintains a seal as building panels expand and contract. It comes in various sizes.
  22. Low-E InsulationLow-e Insulation
    Low-E insulation is a metal roofing supply that will help you save money and energy. This insulation is lightweight and easy to install. It can be used in residential homes or large commercial buildings for energy efficiency.

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