We promise to offer the best combined knowledge, service, and selection in the industry. It is our goal to establish and maintain long-term relationships with all of our customers through our workman approach and unparalleled service.



Bob Sizemore and Bill Kuhn began a general contracting business, building commercial spaces and homes In the 1st Coast and Palm Coast area. The concept was to give the very best product available for a fair price; still a core concept in our business today. Our name has evolved over the years, but our values and commitment remains the same as when bill and Bob started their dream many years ago.


After 31 years of building structures, many with metal roofing, the two decided that metal roofing was the future. Metal roofing provided long-term protection at a reasonable price—exactly what they believed in. The two men closed their very successful contracting business and started selling only metal roofing.


After the hurricanes of 2004 and 2005, it was time to pass the torch to a staff that maintained the core values of the founders. Continued growth required B&B Wholesale Metals (1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply) to relocate to a new 3-acre facility on State Road 207 in East Palatka, Florida. This central location allowed for more efficient service to the many valued customers that came to trust the business over the years.


The metal roofing industry becomes more mainstream, and many contractors become aware of the great value in metal roofing. The increased demand necessitated faster service. We purchased a state-of-the-art 21 ft CNC folder to make all the trims and flashings quickly and efficiently. Also, we invested in a CAD drafting system, which provides our customers with computer-generated blueprints of all materials required to complete their project on-site.


The metal roofing industry continues to refine itself, leading to an expansive color wheel for the customer to choose from. Competition grows expediently with the realization that metal roofing is not only a good value, but is also recyclable and saves on cooling costs, making it a “green product.” To help meet these new challenges, a cut-to-length line was purchased, which cuts coils of metal to any desired length.


In order to keep up with company and industry growth, it was apparent that we needed to enlarge and improve our delivery systems. The decision was made to add tractor trailers to our fleet with a moffet delivery system, which is a specially designed forklift that allows us to deliver panels to almost any location.


We decided changes needed to be made in our business model, so we began producing our own panels on-site. Producing our own panels for the products we sell most will give us the ability to exceed expectations by providing projects even faster. Instead of customers having to wait 2-3 days to get their panels, it is now possible to get it the very same day they order it.


A commitment to service and embracing technology has transformed a 43-year-old, small-town business into a major distributor specializing in a niche market. We developed plans for the new website and began marketing our services online, which has led to continued growth and expansion within the business.

Our Story

Here at 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply, our entire staff takes pride in our company and realizes the value of each and every customer. From our sales team to production—we are here to provide you with the best service in the industry.

Our sales team is well-trained on the products and their installation. Whether you are a DIY person or just want to understand more about metal roofing, they are here for you. Ordering is made easy because we understand what you need. From our specialized panels to our sturdy, energy-saving materials, 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply is your finest choice for many years of worry free safety.

Our experienced Architectural CAD dept provides material take offs quickly by including sketches, plans and satellite images to make sure you are provided with the proper products for your project. Once ordered, our seasoned production staff can meet almost any of your unique trim requirements.

We service customers all throughout Florida, so it’s important to have the correct delivery vehicles for multiple applications. Our experts are able to accommodate your delivery with a sense of personalization rarely found in the industry.

We are able to off-load your project with ease and place it in wherever you request; unlike the industry standard that can’t get your product more than several feet from the road. We know how stressful a new roof installation can be. That’s why our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you. We utilize a Crabbing Moffet System (forklift) that enables us unload your materials and safely place them in a convenient location out of harms way.

Local customer? Our team is fully equipped to assist any customer who chooses to pick up their materials. Our 3-Acre facility gives our customers the ability to comfortably pull into our yard, have materials loaded onto their trailer, and safely drive back out without having to back up.