X-Seal Tape

Will not dry out and become hard and brittle
Highly resistant to bugs and vermin
Will not extrude from between joints like caulk or butyl tapes
Conforms to contours and fills gaps
Maintains a seal during thermal expansion and contraction of building
Excellent compressibility and recovery (minimal compression set)
Good thermal and sound insulator
No shrinkage or blow-out due to closed-cell breakage
Supplied with self-adhesive on one side. After removal of packaging,
material begins gradual expansion – more slowly in cold weather than in hot.

1/4′ x 1′ 1′ x 1′ 19.68′
3/8′ x 1′ 1 1/2′ x 1′ 13.12′
x seal tape

X-Seal Tape and Many More Roofing Products

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