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1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply is Alachua Florida’s top source for affordable metal roofing materials. We understand that buying a new roof means more than just protection which is why our clients love the way our roofs look and perform…outlasting conventional roofs by decades. We work with contractors of all types to provide cutting-edge metal roofing products for any construction project, big or small.


Metal roofing is an excellent choice for any climate, especially in Alachua, FL. Metal offers the strength and durability needed when extreme weather rolls in. You also get long-term savings when you opt for metal over asphalt shingles. For all your metal roofing supply needs, contact 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply.

Why a Metal Roof Is a Better Choice than Asphalt Shingles

Many roofing material options are available to you, and asphalt shingles have often been the default choice for many homeowners. However, the limitations of asphalt come to light in extreme climates.

That’s why metal roofing makes more sense in Florida. From intense sunshine to heavy rains and high winds, metal gives you the strength that your home or business needs. Wind and debris can tear shingles off your roof. Intense sunshine can age shingles quickly and break them down. This exposure leaves the structure beneath vulnerable to water damage.

Metal roofing can repel heavy rain and withstand the impact of windblown debris. This protection keeps your home safe and helps you avoid costly roofing repairs.

The 40-year lifespan of a metal roof is about twice that of an asphalt roof. The longevity of your roof saves you money over time.

Metal can also help to reduce your utility bills. While asphalt shingles absorb sunshine and heat, metal reflects the sunlight, keeping your home cooler and lowering your electricity bill.

Opting for metal is also an eco-friendly choice. Asphalt shingles are made from petroleum, while metal is a durable, recyclable material.

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