• MultiVent10™ is a ventilated roll product for metal roof ridge cap applications
  • Material is a non-woven, UV resistant, polyester fabric with an acrylic binder that allows for maximum air movement
  • Provides more air movement than polyurethane rolls coated with PVC
  • Passes the extreme wind-driven rain test
  • 1 1/2” x 2” x 10’ Polyester vented strip has pre-applied adhesive strip
  • Universal feature allows application to ridge cap
  • Highly recommended for any roofs 4/12 or less

1. Roll MultiVent10™ onto ridge cap.

2. Fasten ridge cap to roof with Kwikseal® ll Woodbinder® fasteners. MultiVent10™ will mold to roof panel profile



Custom contours fit any pitch, all major metal roof profiles, for either ridge cap application or roof-to-wall applications. LP2™ creates a low-profile look and a seal that helps keep out moisture.

Highly recommended for any roofs 4/12 or less.

Python™ is a single-layer, non-fabric-covered ridge vent re-cycled material made from silicone-coated fibers that prohibit clogging. This strong, durable, modified polyester allows the greatest air flow in and out of the attic.

The special cut contours plus a 2″ Marco closure create an incredible WEATHER TITE™ seal to help keep out moisture, insects, dust, and plant materials.

The contours give this system a WEATHER TITE™ fit, and to the roof a non-obtrusive appearance to the roof.

Excellent air flow means your metal structure stays cool while the heat escapes and adds up to reduced utility costs.

LP2 comes 75 feet to a box, in twenty-five 3-foot sections. LP2™ comes with a double bead of industrial strength adhesive. One person can simply remove the peel and stick strips to apply LP2™ to the metal roof, then secure the ridge cap over the LP2™ with fasteners or nails. It’s that easy!

When properly installed with soffit or intake vents, LP2™ is building code compliant.