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Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing in Orlando

Before investing in metal roofing in Orlando for your home, you must weigh the material’s advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a side-by-side comparison.


Metal roofs are extremely durable, withstanding severe wind gusts and heavy rain when properly installed. They can repel hail, depending on the type and gauge of metal used. And, as if that weren’t enough, metal roofs are also resistant to mildew, moss, decay, insects, and pests.


A metal roof will generally last between 40 and 70 years, with copper roofs lasting for up to a century. Its lifespan is longer than other commonly used roofing materials, such as asphalt. You can further extend its useful life with routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs.


Many homes install metal roofing in Orlando to become more energy-efficient. Since metal reflects solar radiant heat, it minimizes heat gain and reduces the required energy to cool the interiors. In addition, some metal roofs come pre-painted or have a granular coating that helps cool a home by releasing the absorbed solar radiation back into the atmosphere.


Since metal roofs are resistant to fire, they will not ignite into flames during lightning strikes or nearby fires. Therefore, they are the safest option, whether or not you live somewhere prone to wildfires. Besides looking at the material’s fire rating, you can ensure optimal fire protection with the proper underlayment.

Minimal Maintenance

One of the main reasons homeowners opt for metal roofing in Orlando is its ease of maintenance. While a metal roof requires periodic cleanings and inspections to extend its lifespan, its upkeep routine isn’t as tedious as other roofing materials like asphalt shingles and wooden shakes.

The Cons

Despite the many upsides, metal roofs also have a few drawbacks, including:

High Upfront Costs

One of the biggest disadvantages of metal roofs is their high initial costs. Compared to the widely used asphalt shingles, installing metal roofing will cost approximately 20% more because of material prices. Furthermore, the total upfront investment may increase with additional installation work required.

However, factoring in its durability, longevity, and maintenance, a metal roof is more cost-effective than other roofing systems in the long run.

Expansion and Contraction

When choosing metal roofing in Orlando, keep in mind that the material expands in warm temperatures and contracts when it’s cold. Because the city experiences high temperatures during the day and cools off at night during the summer, the fluctuation may warp the roof’s surface or loosen the fasteners. However, installers use fastening systems that compensate for movement to deal with this problem.

Color Inconsistency

Replacing a portion of metal roofing as part of repairs is not as simple as it is with asphalt shingles. It usually involves using large metal panels whose colors are often different from those previously installed, resulting in a mismatched look.

Costly Repairs

Since Orlando isn’t new to hurricanes and hailstorms, some roofs aren’t spared from the resulting damage. Unfortunately, repairing damaged metal roofing systems is expensive—it costs $1,600 on average versus $875 for asphalt shingles. The repair cost becomes higher with larger areas requiring attention.


Many homeowners hesitate to choose metal roofs because they produce louder noises, especially during rainstorms, hailstorms, or when heavy debris hits the surface. While this issue is more prominent with metal roofing, it’s possible to dampen the sound using structural barriers and sound-deadening insulation.

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