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1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply is your top source for:


– Metal Roofing Panels
– Trim
– Additional Metal Supplies


Our metal panels offer a recyclable option for your roof, while helping you reduce cooling costs. For long-term protection at a reasonable price, contact our experienced team. We serve both homeowners and contractors throughout the entire state of Florida.


Your Florida Metal Roofing Supplier


Since 1998, our company has ensured the best quality for a fair price by having fully trained staff use state-of-the-art equipment to produce our metal panels onsite. Producing our own product also yields additional benefits such as a shorter wait time for our customers between placing an order and having it delivered.


Everything You Need for Metal Roofs in Florida


Our well-trained team members will help you with any of our metal roofing products and with the most efficient installation methods. We are dedicated to providing our customers only the best. Our wide range of products include:


Metal Roof Panels: For residential and commercial use, with a huge variety of designs and colors
Metal Trim: Every shape for every part of your roof
Accessories: For every metal roofing job, including tools, rivets, caulking, and more


Whether you are installing a new roof or creating a metal yard decoration, our team can help you from the planning stage through implementation as we serve homeowners and contractors throughout Florida.

Give our team a call today at 1-888-211-9243 for more information about our products and services, or to get your free quote. We are happy to help homeowners and contractors throughout the entire state of Florida, so do not hesitate to contact us.


1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply is Florida’s top source for affordable metal roofing materials. Our roofs outlast conventional roofs by decades.

  • “Helpful and patient staff. Highly recommend for DIYers like me. They won my business today based on the great service. I may not get my job perfect my first try, but I have every confidence they’ll be there to help coach me how to fix anything I mess up. Fast turnaround also a big bonus.”
    – Vincent L.
  • “Very professional, great customer service and local!”
    – Carl S.
  • “Great place where to buy metal roofing. Good prices, friendly staff.”
    – Valerie B.
  • “John is extremely helpful, patient, and knowledgeable of your products. Although my orders have been few and small I feel that I am being treated the same as a regular customer with large orders. I really appreciate the customer service.”
    – Raymond
  • “Great quality of materials , low prices and the people here treat you like family . I ordered more materials one day , they had it ready next day @ lunch…..Wow !”
    – Sid M.
  • “Service was good and everyone was very polite. I really liked that they came out and delivered the roofing materials to me!”
    – Henry W.
  • “They did Great, 5 weeks after the hurricane I called 5 different metal roof companies for estimates on materials and or installation 1st coast metal roofing got back with me the next day asked a few questions I sent them the rough measurement drawing and the next day I had my material list after a week of 5 emails of going back and forth with emails changing, adding materials They always they got back with me within a few hours I had my final list ,I placed my order with them for my roof !! This company in the world of customer no service has got it right they are extremely knowledgeable about their product and application the staff is well train and very personable and friendly the customer rep let me know understandable that they are running behind due to the hurricane it will be 3-5 days before my order is ready to ship ,i was happy to hear that cause i thought it would have been a month wait , Out of 5 metal roof companies i had called 1 other got back with me within a week and their estimate was much higher for a lower gauge roof the other three companies i so far that I’ve called the same day as 1st metal I’m still waiting on the first estimate to come through and i’ve called the other 3 companies several times I do take in to account we had a major hurricane and their probably slammed but i’m getting nothing from the other companies . 1 st Metal Roofing has their act together and will use them again”
    – Tom Rich.


1st Coast Metal Roofing is your top source for affordable metal roofing materials that are built to last. We stay at the forefront of the industry with high-quality metal roofs that look great and provide the protection you need for years to come.

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1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply is your top supplier of affordable metal roofing that is built to last. We provide the best materials for metal roofs in Florida. Our high-quality metal roofing materials will look amazing on your roof, and will continue in protecting your home and your wallet for years to come.

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Contractors recognize 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply as the metal roofing supplier they can trust. You’ll get metal roofing products for any construction project big or small, along with years of roofing and framing knowledge from our experienced staff.


1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply is a manufacturer and supplier of top-quality metal roofing products. With our expert knowledge, we manufacture our own panels and trim to bring you competitive prices and fast service. After more than 20 years in business, we can help you with any metal roofing project.

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We work with contractors of all types to provide cutting-edge metal roofing products for any construction project, big or small. Our staff is full of experienced individuals who have years of roofing and framing knowledge.

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Since 1998

1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply is a top quality metal roofing products manufacturer with highly competitive pricing and unparalleled service. Established nearly 20 years ago, we are ready to provide and assist any of your project needs.

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