Pipe Flashings

Pipe Flashings That Are Built to Last

Because flashings play such an important role in waterproofing a roof, it’s important that they provide a durable service and are designed to fit a number of different roof configurations. 1st Coast offers a selection of synthetic flashings (made of either rubber or EPDM with an easily malleable aluminum base) that have been designed to work well with almost any roofing system.


1/4” -2-1/2”
4.75” (120.7mm)
Black/Gray EPDM & Red/Gray Silicone
6.21” (157.7mm)
Black/Gray EPDM & Red/Gray Silicone
7.74” (196.6mm)
Black/Gray EPDM & Red/Gray Silicone
9.26” (235.2mm)
Black/Gray EPDM & Red/Gray Silicone
10.75” (273.0mm)
Black/Gray EPDM & Red/Gray Silicone
5” – 9”
12.50” (317.5mm)
Black/Gray EPDM & Red/Gray Silicone
6” – 11”
14.60” (370.8mm)
Black/Gray EPDM & Red/Gray Silicone
7” – 13”
16.5” (419.1mm)
Black/Gray EPDM & Red/Gray Silicone
9” – 19”
25.25” (641.1mm)
Black/Gray EPDM & Red/Gray Silicone

Easy-to-Use Pipe Flashings

When you have a job to complete by a specific deadline, anything which makes life easier and the work faster is always a benefit. Our flashings come with pre-marked pipe widths, so working out where to cut prior to fixing it into position is rapid and straightforward. Suitable for installation on either the rib’s flat or panel surface, all that’s needed is self-drilling screws and some sealant to get the job done.


The biggest challenge that pipe flashing faces is the weather. From extremes of temperature through to degradation by UV light and the effects of moisture, pipe flashing are subject to all manner of environmental hazards. The materials used to make our pipe flashings and the design of the product ensure that they provide years of durable service, overcoming anything the weather might throw at them.

Pipe Flashings and Many More Roofing Products

Our company offers a holistic solution to all your roofing needs, stocking high-grade products that range from pipe flashing through to fixings, panels, trim, accessories and more. For further information about our products, to place an order or for anything else, give us a call.