Deciding on a metal roof for your home is a great choice. You know metal shingles are durable. You know there are an abundance of metal roof colors to choose from. You know there are countless metal roofing materials that are top quality. You clearly did your homework, but now what? Now you must choose the look for your metal roof that fits with your taste. Metal roofs for residential properties comes in two forms: sheet-like panels and shingles. Although they are both made from the same substance, they are very different in appearance.

Standing seam metal roofing panels offer clean, linear elegance. They offer a contemporary appearance and are favored by architects whose clients are attracted to a modern aesthetic. From there you have options. You can decide on a mechanical seam, which can be roll-formed and curved, to span the entirety of the roof without end seams. There is also the structural standing seam which includes Hidden Fastener and Mechanically Seamed side lap panels.

Metal shingle-style roofing and sheet roofing are very different. Metal shingle style roofs offer a classic look that have a traditional, distinctive style. From there you have wood shakes, or slates, to choose from. These shingles can be stone coated, or stone coated shake, which offers distinctive beauty and richness of cedar.

Metal roofing installation is more expensive in general to do, because it takes specialized tools and training for contractors. Even though it might be more money upfront, its less money in the long run because the materials last longer. But you should know there is a cost difference between the two above options: typically the instillation of metal shingles is about 20% cheaper than the cost of standing seams. This is another decision that must be made. It might take some time to pick and choose the roof that is just right for you, but once it goes up, your home will typically have a 6% resale value gain, and that is always a good thing!