steel aluminum

Going through your options on what material to purchases? Have you heard the terms steel, galvalume, or galvanized?

Steel is the main material in your galvalume or galvanized roofing panels. It is an alloy made from a combination of iron and carbon. Which creates a durable product used in our everyday lives. Because steel will oxidize fairly quick, different coatings are used to overcome this concern.

A galvalume coating is an aluminum-zinc mixture. Majority of the mixture is aluminum to give the coating better corrosion resistance. Unlike a galvanized coating which is an iron-zinc alloy mixture, galvalume will have a longer lifespan.

Both coatings are hot dipped onto the steel coils to adhere the materials together. If you would like to have your galvalume panel painted instead of the plain mill finish look, we offer over 17 different colors.

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