Top 10 reasons why metal roofing is the right choice for Florida homes

When it comes to Florida’s unpredictable and intense weather, the long life and durability of metal roofing offers benefits that asphalt shingles simply can’t match. Here are the top ten reasons why metal roofing is the smarter choice. Get the facts you need to make an informed decision for your home.

There are several reasons why homeowners in Florida are choosing long-lasting premium metal roofing over asphalt shingles:

1. Durability

Metal roofs are extremely durable and can last up to 50 years or more, while asphalt shingle roofs in Florida are disposable, with even premium-grade shingles typically lasting only between 12-20 years in our state’s harsher weather conditions. And while a metal roof is weather-tight immediately after installation, a shingle roof is subject to thermal sealing and is vulnerable to damage.

2. Best value

Because of its long durability, a metal roof may be the last roof you need. It’s less costly in the long term to install a metal roof once at today’s prices than endure the expense over and over again of a 2nd or even 3rd disposable roof, in rising future costs. Assuming continued multi-year cost trends in the construction and material industries, the cost of installing a replacement asphalt roof in just 15 years is projected to be 50% higher than it is today, making the decision to install a metal roof once the smartest choice.

3. Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance in Florida is getting more expensive and strict. An aging shingle roof can cause a sudden policy cancellation unless replaced every 15 years. Conversely, a metal roof may be eligible for insurance premium discounts and savings because of greater durability and extended life.

4. Weather resistance

Our metal roofing products are designed and manufactured specifically to withstand the hurricane-force winds, tropical rains, extreme temperatures, salt corrosion and harsh UV radiation from sunlight – all common to our state. Standing Seam metal roofing panels lock together to create integral strength, unlike common types of shingles that easily lift and tear off in storms, exposing your home to leaks and compounding damage.

5. Energy efficiency

Unlike asphalt shingles, metal roofs reflect rather than absorb solar heat, which can help keep your home cooler and reduce your energy bills by as much as 25%. In Florida’s hot and humid climate, those savings can be significant.

6. Environmental

Metal roofing is a sustainable choice because it is often made from recycled materials and can be recycled again at the end of its lifespan. Asphalt shingles are a petroleum-based product that in many cases contributes to truck loads of landfill waste.

7. Low maintenance

Metal roofs require little maintenance beyond occasional cleaning and inspection. They do not rot, warp, curl or crack like asphalt shingles can, nor is metal susceptible to mildew, fungus, moss, algae staining or insect damage that is common as asphalt shingled roofs age.

8. Fire resistance

Our metal roofing is all Class A fire-resistant and non-combustible, while most shingle materials are combustible. This can be particularly important in wide areas of Florida that are prone to lightning strikes or wildfires.

9. Aesthetics

Metal roofs are growing in popularity in Florida and elsewhere, not just because of their benefits, but because of their sleek and modern architectural style. A variety of roofing styles and colors allow homeowners to choose a look that matches their preferences and accents the architecture of their home, including unique metal roofing styles with the look of slate tiles, clay tiles or wood shakes. Ask us to see samples!

10. Increased home value and return

A metal roof can increase your home’s resale value and make it more attractive to potential buyers, returning value that you will not get with shingles. According to a study from the Metal Roofing Alliance, homeowners in hurricane-prone areas can expect to recoup an average of 85.9% of the cost of a metal roof installation in increased home value.

Experts in the home industry agree that a metal roof is the best choice for homeowners in Florida. For many homeowners, a metal roof is the last roof you’ll ever need to think about. Instead of worrying about eventual replacement and cost of yet another shingle roof, the decision to make the move to a long-lasting, durable metal roof for your home is the worry-free choice.

Besides being a better investment and value, the benefits of a metal roof pay dividends in reduced home cooling costs, potential insurance savings and added home value and equity. Smart homeowners are selecting metal roofing for a durable, energy-efficient, and sustainable roofing choice that requires little maintenance and provides carefree home protection for decades.

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