Life Span and Warranty

  1. A metal roof, correctly installed, can last three times as long as a composite shingle roof. Also, metal manufacturers typically offer a 30-50 year warranty on their metal roofing systems.
  2. Raises the value of your building and may reduce home owners insurance. Much cheaper than shingles over its lifespan.
metal roof over shingles solar panels applied over standing seam metal roof Hurricane roof blow off

Low Maintenance

  1. Metal roofing can be applied right over existing shingles and other materials.
  2. Much less on-going maintenance is required than a shingle roof.

Energy Efficiency

  1. Reflects heat and adds insulation which can easily save you 10-20% on cooling and heating costs.
  2. Causes significantly less pollution and waste than shingles.
  3. Solar energy panels can be fastened to metal roofing.

Environmental Factors

  1. Metal roofing withstands hurricane force winds, with panels rated up to 146mph wind uplift resistance.
  2. Coastal living concerns? The right metal roofing systems provide excellent corrosion protection.
  3. Does not hold heavy debris, ice, or snow and is fire retardant.

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