Galvalume Metal RoofNo matter if you run a business or you simply wish to lower cooling costs at home, there are few who wouldn’t jump on a chance to reduce their monthly energy costs. The beauty of metal roofing is that it does just that. Metal roofing is one of the best energy saving solutions for commercial and residential applications. It has a proven track record of lowering cooling costs during the hot summer months and therefore cutting down on energy bills year round.

Metal roofing is referred to as a “cool” roofing option. This is due to its high level of reflectivity. This is particularly true when compared to asphalt shingles which absorb the hot rays of the sun. Metal roofing instead deflects the heat from the UV rays and keeps the interior of the building much cooler even on the hottest of days.

Not only is metal roofing naturally reflective, it comes in an array of colors, including white metal roofing. White metal roofs have been proven to reduce energy bills by up to 40%! Even a basic, unpainted metal roof will reflect the majority of solar radiation that would normally be absorbed by your asphalt roof. Pre-painted or even granular coated metal roofing systems offer an added benefit of re-emitting most of what solar radiation is absorbed.

For homes and businesses in locations where cooling costs dominate their energy bills, a highly emissive painted or granule-coated metal roof is the best option for reducing energy consumption drastically.

Added Environmentally Friendly Benefits

Not only will a metal roof cut down on energy consumption which benefits the environment, it also is environmentally friendly in a myriad of other ways, including the following:environmentally friendly symbol

  • Many metal roofing materials are created using recycled materials
  • Metal roofs have a long lifespan which means less roofing materials wind up in landfills
  • They are 100% recyclable if you ever do decide to replace an existing metal roof

Metal roofs truly are an energy saving, environmentally friendly product. Their long lifespan and low maintenance makes them the perfect choice for the conscientious home or business owner.