X-Seal comes compressed at just one-quarter inch, on an easy-to handle roll. Cut the desired length of X-Seal, place X-Seal into the gap opening—even one with irregular hips and valleys—and remove the protective release paper. Now watch X-Seal slowly expand up to 1-1/4″ to completely fill and seal the gap.

X-Seal won’t dry out and become hard or brittle. And it’s highly resistant to bugs and vermin.

It’s UV stable and maintains a seal during thermal expansion and contraction of building panels. It has excellent compressibility and recovery (for minimal compression set). It’s a very good thermal and sound insulator. And there’s no shrinkage or blow-out from closed cell breakage with X-Seal

X-Seal holds the exterior out and the interior in, but allows vapors to move through. A hermetic seal allows the absorption of moisture and when conditions permit, the slow release of moisture through evaporation.