Anyone who’s ever installed a metal roof or even just handled the panels and/ or trim knows it can be dangerous. Of course, you risk slips, falls and sun exposure which can lead to skin damage BUT what about your hands??

Let’s review a product that provides superior comfort and functionality at a GREAT price!

Wonder Gloves®

These gloves are used in many industries and protect hands against punctures, minor cuts and abrasions that any builder is prone to getting while handling metal roofing products.

How are they different from other gloves?

A lot of gloves made for handing metal roofing material range in cost from $18-39.00 while at 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply, we provide Wonder Gloves® from size small to X-large for an affordable price of $2.33 per pair.

What are they made of?

Wonder Gloves® are made of a unique cotton-polyester blend fabric with a textured latex coated palm and fingertips. Being so strong knit, there are no bulky seams which allow for greater performance while you work, almost like just another layer of skin.

The latex coating on the palm and fingertips give a non-slip grip that you wouldn’t get with bare hands or lots of other materials.

While performing your job as an expert roofer or even just a homeowner with a small DIY project, its important to protect your hands from the several hazards that they are exposed to!