aluminum shingles

There comes a point in many homeowners lives when they have to consider installing a new roof. Whether a rough winter lead to constant leaks, or you have too many loose roof panels to count, a roof redo can be costly and you want to make sure you do it right. We have come a long way from a time where asphalt shingles were associated with personal homes, while metal shingles were only seen as an industrial or agricultural product. To understand where the metal roofing industry is heading we must first understand how this industry came about. Copper has played a significant role in the building of architecture for decades. Copper roof shingles and other metal roofs are admired on temples all over the world. The Pantheon and St Mary’s Cathedral are two landmarks, to name a few, where metal was used in the initial construction. In the United States, copper domes on courthouses and state capital buildings that date back hundreds of years, still carry their original roofs today. These roofs have withstood weather, war, and are not only still functioning properly but also aesthetically beautiful. The proof is in the pudding- a metal roof’s endurance cannot be overlooked. Over the past 30 to 40 years, steel and aluminum producers partnered with the paint and coating industries to develop finishes for these metal roof panels. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners are still overlooking metal as a feasible option as a material for roofing. Many are still unaware of the different finishes available. They believe the sleek, sophisticated, and often sexy look of a home or building with a metal roof is too modern and cold for their taste. That is when Stone Coated Tile was created to emulate the beauty and style of Mediterranean tile. The lightweight stone components coated the steel to offer a unique elegance to any home. Stone Coated Villa Tile combines the superior performance of steel with the classic beauty, elegance and architectural detail of an old world Italian tile. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the look and feel of the roof you want. Still, the residential sector has a long way to catch up. What is next for metal roofing is educating contractors, designers, and architects about metal roofs and their wide array of finishes. Metal offers an eye catching alternative for the newer, more modern looking homes being built but it is not the only option. Metal panels are lightweight enough to be installed directly over an old roof of a home that needs an update. A good roof is durable and attractive and that is what metal shingles provide for buildings, homes, schools, and more.