If you are looking for a way to make creative use of space that you probably don’t think about much, green roofing might just be your answer. Green roofs are starting to appeal to regular homeowners, business owners, and even cities as a fantastic way to promote the environment while solving some of the issues that can arise with regular roofs.

First, a definition – a green roof is the top of a home or business that is either partially or fully covered with some type of vegetation and dirt, all layered over a waterproof membrane. It can also include roots and a drainage and irrigation system. Container gardens do not usually count as a true green roof.

Why Would you Install a Green Roof?

Several reasons come to mind. They typically last longer than regular roofs, and they absorb rainwater and provide insulation for a building (thus reducing energy costs). They create a wildlife habitat, give you a peaceful place to relax and provide an aesthetically pleasing look.

Thanks to the fact that plants produce oxygen, they also improve air quality and help lower temperatures, especially in a city where they can reduce the heat effects of city and suburban developments. Green roofing can make your roof last more than 200 percent longer, and it can also add to the real estate value of your home.

The energy efficiency is worth noting again. Because the thermal qualities of a roof are improved with the plants, green roofing helps buildings to retain more heat during the cold winter months. It also reflects and absorbs solar radiation in the summer, which lets the building stay cooler than it normally would.

There are two main types of green roofs – intensive roofs, which have a minimum depth of 5 inches and can support a wide variety of plants, but which are thicker and heavier and need more maintenance. Extensive roofs are more shallow (from one to five inches) and lighter, and so need much less maintenance.

Some people also use the term green roof to refer to roofs that make use of some form of green technology, such as solar thermal collectors, photovoltaic panels or anything else that provides an alternative form of energy for your home.

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