One of the most appealing qualities of metal roofing is its aesthetic versatility. Its malleability enables it to be stamped into various forms to complement any architectural style, ranging from traditional to contemporary. Plus, metal roofs are available in a wide variety of colors.

But what colors does metal roofing come in? The available options are so abundant that many people become overwhelmed when selecting. To help you choose, here’s a quick guide to metal roof colors.



Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Metal Roof Color

Close-up of two women choosing samples of paint.

In general, settling on a roof color boils down to personal preference. That’s why one of the most enjoyable aspects of installing a new metal roof is researching all of your color options. You get to choose a color that you like and enjoy looking at whether you own residential or commercial property.

Beyond knowing what colors metal roofing comes in, it’s also crucial to consider factors that could affect the final look of the structure. To get the most out of your new metal roof, keep these things in mind: 


Complementing or Contrasting Colors

Texture of a metal roof tiles of black, blue and red colors.

As a general rule, your color choice should either complement or contrast the rest of your exterior’s color. Go for complementary colors to convey a more harmonious or classic look and feel. Conversely, if you want your house to stand out, contrasting colors are the way to go. 

To find a color that goes well with your property, try to imagine how your new roof will look next to exterior features, such as fascia boards, gutters, doors, window frames, exterior walls, and landscape structures.

The selection of metal roof colors is virtually limitless, so noting the colors you need to complement or contrast helps you make better decisions.  

If you’re not sure what style you want, look through your roofing company’s gallery of completed work. You’re likely to discover plenty of ideas for complementary or contrasting roofing colors.


Geographic Regions

Where your home or business is located also determines which roofing color is recommended. Here are a few examples:


Homeowners and businesses in the tropics typically favor bright and lively colors since lighter hues reflect more sun. This can result in cooler interior spaces and lower energy bills. Popular metal roof colors include Metallic colors, Regal Red, Patina Green, Aged Copper, Slate Blue, and custom hues. 

Mountains and Woodlands

Most structures in this geography have roof colors that match the landscape and housing materials such as steel, stone, and wood. Earth tones like Evergreen, Classic Green, Burnished Slate, Dark or Medium Bronze, or shades of gray are ideal if you want to complement the natural beauty of the surroundings.  


Homes and buildings along the plains often experience low precipitation and high temperatures. That said, many structures have light colors for their reflective features. Additionally, you can usually find exteriors with soft earth tones that blend well with drought-tolerant plants all around. Complimentary roof colors include Surrey Beige, Mansard Brown, Terra Cotta, and Ash or Dove Gray. 


Regions in the south have strong Spanish influences since they lie close to Mexico. Thus, structures mostly have warm color schemes and feature Latin architecture. Common roof colors that Spanish tile has inspired include Colonial Red, Copper, and Terra Cotta. However, you’ll see more of white, light green, light gray, light blue, and natural-colored roofs as you get nearer to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Structure of Your Home or Business 

A classic North American red barn in early fall.

Metal roof colors should also match architectural styles to achieve an overall harmonious style. Have a look at some of the most common structure types and color choices that go well together:

  • Modern: Matte Black, Charcoal Gray, Weathered Gray, and Regal White
  • Ranch: Charcoal Gray, Solar White, and Dark Bronze
  • Craftsman: Regal White, Slate Blue, Ash Gray, Brown, and Sierra Tan
  • Spanish: Colonial Read, Rusted, Gold, Brown, Copper, Raw, and Terra Cotta
  • Cape Cod: Medium Bronze, Slate Gray, and Sandstone
  • Victorian: Hemlock Green, Charcoal Gray, and Dove Gray

Bear in mind that the use of light or dark hues may significantly alter the appearance of your property. Because lighter colors provide the illusion of a higher building, they are ideal for low-pitched roofs. On the other hand, a darker hue will help a tall roof appear less towering.


Does Your HOA Limit Color Options?

If your house belongs to a Homeowner Association (HOA), find out whether metal roofs are allowed and if there are color restrictions. This way, you won’t have to worry about inconveniences during roof installation. 


Metal Roof Color Chart

A high-quality paint finish contributes to a roof that stands the test of time. 1st Coast Metal Roofing has many colors to choose from in both standard colors and Kynar colors. Kynar is a more flexible paint system resistant to chipping and can last longer than standard colors.

Use this color chart to visualize and compare the metal roof color scheme and make it easier to picture how different shades combine with your exterior colors.


Roof Color Can Affect Your Home’s Temperature

Black roof made of sheet metal in winter, frost on the roof

As previously mentioned, light colors are better at reflecting the sun’s rays than darker colors. Therefore, your roofing color can affect how much heat and light your home or building absorbs. If you want cooler indoor temperatures in a warm climate, choose a light-colored roof, such as white, beige, light bronze, or peach. Meanwhile, a darker hue will hardly affect your home or building’s energy performance if you’re in a cooler climate or have adequate insulation. 


Steps to Choosing a Metal Roof Color:

Selecting home roof color.

1. Choose the type of metal roof you want.

Metal roofs have many panel types, trims, and material options. First Coast offers a variety of panels to choose from. Select the metal roof and panels that will work best for you. Then, use the guide on our metal roofs to help make a decision.

2. Take a look at our color chart.

In summary, there are various factors to consider when choosing your roof, such as complementary or contrasting colors, geography, structure type, and HOA restrictions. To simplify the color selection process, explore our color chart and decide on the hue that best fits your needs.

3. Make your final color selection.

Make sure to consult with us to see an actual metal chip of the color you’re choosing. Keep in mind that online versions of colors are slightly different from the actual product and how it will look on your roof. Therefore, having a color sample can provide you with a better visual and more confidence in your decision. 


Choose the Best Metal Roof for Your Needs

What colors does metal roofing come in? Check out 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply and pick your favorite roofing color from our color chart. Contact us today for a free quote!