A moisture or vapor barrier is a great investment to give your home the protection it needs and to give your roof a longer life span. The finest material to use would be a peel & stick laminated in polymer film or a synthetic underlayment.

Customer’s often make the mistake of using felt paper as a metal roof underlayment.

With a metal roof you don’t want to make the mistake of using a felt paper. The reason why is it is made for asphalt shingles. It is made from blends of cellulose (natural wood-fibers), polyester and soaked in asphalt. This underlayment may be “waterproof” but felt has a higher permeability then synthetics.

Compared to felt paper a synthetic underlayment will last longer, is more durable, has better tolerance to Florida’a high temperatures, it’s recyclable and is fire resistant. We carry three different grades of synthetic underlayment to fit your budget.

Our peel & stick underlayment is a HIGH TEMPERATRUE rubberized asphalt adhesive laminated in a polymer film. This product not only can keep your roof from leaking but can help keep screws in place and the polymer film is a great slip resistant coating for installation.

Give one of our knowledgeable sales reps a call to help narrow down which underlayment will work best for your project and budget!


-woven polymeric value synthetic underlayment

-4’ x 250’ roll (10sq)


-polyolefin based synthetic multi-laminate membrane

-4’ x 250’ roll (10sq)


-rubberized asphalt adhesive

-3’ x 67’ roll (2sq)


-polyolefin based synthetic

-4’ x 250’ roll (10sq)