There are a number of metals used as roofing materials but aluminum roofing offers a superior resistance to corrosion. Do not mistake its lightness for weakness! In fact, its strength-to-weight ratio is admired as highest compared to most metals. That is right! A thinner piece of aluminum can do the same, if not, better job than a thicker piece of a different metal. Aluminum tends to be very pliable and malleable, making it easier for installers to work with. An aluminum roof provides durable protection that has been proven to be a money and life saver.

aluminum roofing

Metal roofing (not only aluminum) is fire resistant. This noncombustible material can also help save energy. Metal roofing reflects solar radiation usually absorbed by the first level of a home. Reflecting of solar energy can actually help keep your AC bill down since the solar energy is reflected and then emitted, rather than transmitted into heat. Not only can metal roofing save you money, and who isn’t trying to do that, but it is known to last two times longer than roofs with asphalt shingles. Longevity means less of a likelihood you will have to pay for another roof down the road..which means even more cost savings! Are you seeing why the use of aluminum for roofing has become so popular? It requires very little maintenance, can last for about 35 years, and offers outstanding corrosion resistance. Still not a believer? Let’s talk about how great aluminum can be aesthetically. The color options are endless. The Classic Rib Cut offers a sleek, polished look perfect for multi-level homes, condos, offices, retail stores and more. If lowering your energy bill made your eyes widen with excitement, the Flange Panel Option will deflect heat and save you money on cooling costs. Metal roofs with orange or brown metallic paint can contrast well with the foliage surrounding your winter home. A sandstone beige can blend beautifully with a beach house. A pale gray can give a barn an up-to-date, modern flakier. The options are endless!