aluminum roofContrary to what some people believe, metal roofing doesn’t just come in one form. There are many different types, and all have their special qualities. Among the varieties:

  • Aluminum: According to the Metal Construction Association (MCA), more than 3 billion pounds of aluminum is used for construction each year in the United States.The majority of that goes toward roofing and wall systems. And it’s diverse; building owners can choose from a variety of colors and coatings. Not only will the colors last, but the roof’s coating will help it remain almost maintenance-free for years.
  • Steel: Always a popular choice for roofing, steel is very strong, versatile and durable, and it’s also a good economic choice. Steel can be found on top of all sorts of buildings, from libraries to schools to shopping centers. The American Iron and Steel Institute reveals that in the past several years, steel roof construction has been used in nearly half of all of the low-rise commercial buildings in the country.
  • Terne: Many people have never heard of this word; terne is a product that’s made by coating metals such as stainless steel with a specially formulated alloy, which goes a long way toward preventing corrosion. In its inception, terne’s alloy contained about 80 percent lead and 20 percent tin. But as it became clear in the 20th century that lead was harmful to our health, the alloy was changed to a combination of zinc and tin.

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More metal types

Below are two more popular metal roofing choices:

  • Christ ChurchCopper: Did you know that a copper roof can last for centuries in some cases? The oldest copper roof in the country is found in Philadelphia, atop the historic Christ Church (pictured). It was installed on the church in 1742. Copper roofs are known for not only being long-lasting, but they’re also low-maintenance.
  • Zinc: Zinc, which is a natural material, retains the same look for its entire life, because it never fades and resists corrosion. In addition, it can conform to all sorts of design styles, so it’s a popular choice among architects. It also boasts a 100 percent clear water runoff.

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