Corrugated PanelAny contractor who has been in business for awhile knows the importance of the roofing-permit process. This is the way municipalities across the country enforce their building codes, which are created with safety in mind.

Most of the time, it will fall upon you as the contractor to obtain the permits (making you the contractor of record on the project), but occasionally the homeowner or business owner will take on the responsibility themselves.

Either way, the permit process is vitally important — in fact, it’s against the law not to obtain one. If you go through with a job without a proper permit, you will be fined at the very least. You may also have to tear down your work entirely.

A roofing permit will be a matter of public record, so future building owners will be able to check to make sure the process was carried out the way it was intended.

What’s the first step? Submitting your construction plans and your permit application to the municipality requiring it. The government will then review the plans and will get back to you, but it may take weeks. Once you have the actual permit, you’ll have six months to get started on the roofing project. Fees will vary, depending on how much work you’ll be doing to a roof.

And don’t forget the inspections; for a major project, it may be required to have numerous inspections along the way — and it’s up to the contractor to schedule these.

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