Oversized Calendar

Oversized Calendar

I am all for things that are big and exaggerated. So this larger than most- calendar was calling my name. What initially pushed me away from this, was the price tag. The large sum of $500! What surprised me even more, was knowing how much cost could be cut just by turning into a DIY.

Here’s what you’ll Need:

  • 1 piece of sheet metal
  • Dividing Tape- I would use thin Washi tape
  • Magnetic Numbers

First, you’ll want to order a piece of sheet metal. In the picture above the dimensions are a lot larger than I would go. Personally, 4’X4′ would be a nice size Calendar. Then, go down to your local Arts and Crafts store and purchase the accessories. Use the Washi tape to make your spaces for the days of the week. Place the Magnetic Numbers in the appropriate spot to match the current month. And you’re done.

To add a little color to this project, you can order a different color of sheet metal.