DIY Metal Gutter Gardens

Re-purposing Metal Gutters

Metal gutters are an extremely important component of a roofing system. Their drainage of rain water is crucial in not only protecting the roof itself, but also the siding on your building and your foundation and landscaping. However, did you know that metal rain gutters can be used for more than their traditional purpose? Check out this fun DIY project, a metal gutter garden. Florida, the South or anywhere across the US, a metal gutter garden can add flair to your garden and much needed extra gardening space.

DIY metal gutter gardens are a perfect re-purposing for metal gutters. The process is fairly simple and the cost is extremely low. In this guide, we will give you an easy breakdown of the process and some resources for our visual learners.

Gathering Supplies

Start by gathering the supplies you will need. The list is not long and you can find most of what you need at a local hardware store. The length of your gutter depends on the size of the object you will be attaching it to (i.e. a long fence line or a wooden pallet).

The cost of this project is minimal. You can buy inexpensive, but durable metal gutters from us and the other items will vary in price depending on where you find them.

The time to complete this project, of course, will always vary depending on your personal speed of assembly, but should only take approximately 20-30 min.

Step 1: Attach Brackets

Begin by attaching your mounting brackets to your fence or pallet. Wooden fence lines are a great location for gutter gardens. Wooden fence lines are a great location for gutter gardens, but if your property doesn’t have a wooden fence, consider using a wooden pallet. Or click here to learn how to make a hanging version for apartments or other locations without backyard space.

Step 2: Install Gutter

After your brackets are in place and aligned (use a leveling tool if you need to ensure the line is even), install the gutter. If you want to customize your gutters, consider painting them before installation when the process will be easier.

Step 3: Drill Holes

Now go along the bottom of the gutter and drill holes every 12 inches. This will create a drainage system so that your plants do not become over-saturated.

Step 4: Fill with Soil and Plants

Finally, fill your gutter system with soil and plants. Gutter gardens are the perfect place to grow a variety of plants including:

  • Strawberries
  • Herbs
  • Decorative flowers
  • Chilies
  • Lettuce
  • Or any plant that does not require deep roots

When it comes to gutter gardens, let your imagination run wild. While these instructions suggest a fence line or wooden pallet as the location for your gutter garden, there are no end to the possibilities. You can put your gutter garden on porches, hanging fixtures, standing fixtures within your gardening or landscaping, even inside your house!

Have questions about re-purposing metal gutters into a gutter garden? Feel free to contact our team! And check out these useful resources below, including a video tutorial.To see a variety of gutter garden options, use the following link:

And check out more variety located here:

Metal gutter gardens in Florida and across the US are a wonderful way to re-purpose and enjoy a little more green in your life.