When conducting any type of home maintenance, you want to get it right the first time.  Doing the proper research into what products you should use for a given project before you start it will end up saving you time and money in the long run. 

One of the big decisions you are faced with when roofing your home is the paint.   Picking a paint color for your roof is exciting, but don’t just stop at the superficial qualities.  Knowing what type of paint is going to give you benefits beyond its aesthetic is essential for getting the most for your money in roofing. 

Kynar®, also known as Hynar®, resin-based paint is one of the several on the market for paint for metal roofing sheets.  Know what you buy before you buy it, and read this quick evaluation of Kynar® paint.

What is it?

Kynar® is a fluoropolymer, or polyvinyl di-fluoride (PVDF), and it was first explored by Dupont around 1948.  Within 15 years, PVDF resin was being developed and manufactured. By 1965, it was sold under the commercial name Kynar® or Kynar 500® by Pennsalt Chemicals.  However, after Pennsalt was purchased by a different company, Ausimont USA Inc. bought the production rights to Kynar® and marketed it under the name Hynar 5000® to compete. 

Kynar® is now produced by ATOFINA Chemicals Inc. and is considered to be a state-of-the-art paint coating to apply to your metal roof. 

Why does it work?

Kynar® consists of mostly carbon/fluoride bonds, one of the strongest known chemical bonds.  This is similar in structure to Teflon™, the non-stick protective covering used for pots and pans. 

Why you should use Kynar

Kynar is the best chemical-resistant product to use for metal finishes because it stands up to high temperatures, unlike other thermoplastics such as Delrin. If you want long-lasting metal protection from chemicals and UV light, choose Kynar

You can use Kynar in many different ways for structures, including protection of roof or siding against the changing seasons. This resin coating will stand the test of time and preserve your metal perfectly.


  • If you think about Teflon™ as a non-stick coating for your kitchen tools, then you can think of Kynar® as a non-stick coating for your roof. By applying Kynar®, you can easily wash away environmental pollutants in the rain. 
  • Because light rain can successfully clean your roof with the help of Kynar®, you can reduce the frequency with which you must manually clean your metal roofing sheets. Kynar® is also known for its ability to retain color, notably very dark colors; Lighter colors are fairly fade-resistant.


  • Kynar® is an investment-grade metal roofing option due to its higher price point. Though Kynar® may seem expensive initially, the amount of money it will save you in paint jobs, cleanings, and replacement is well worth it.
  • Due to its non-stick nature, attempting to adhere anything to your metal roofing sheets will end up in frustration. Adhesives are just as bad at staying on Kynar® as any other material, rendering them useless. Kynar® is a softer paint with more potential to scratch. Exposure to moisture will degrade the quality of the steel by causing it to rust.

Properties of Kynar

When most people discover Kynar for the first time, they think it’s a miracle product because of its many beneficial properties. 

With Kynar protecting your metal, expect these beneficial aspects and features:

  • Sunlight/UV Resistance: This feature protects the product from sun damage.
  • Relative Thermal Index (RTI) Rating: Kynar’s RTI rating of 150º C means it won’t drop in quality or lose its properties up to 150º C. 
  • Chemical Resistance: A Kynar coating won’t be diminished by many household and environmental chemicals.
  • Radiation Resistance: Kynar’s properties, tensile strength, and structure withstand up to 100 Mrads of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Highly Ding Resistant: Commercial work and repairs won’t damage the coating or the underlying metal.
  • Ease of Use and Adaptability: Kynar is easy to apply for household home renovation projects and professional construction and architecture work.
  • Extraordinarily High Purity: Kynar consists of a powerful chemical composition.
  • Electrochemically Stable: Kynar can take positive and negative electrical currents with a wide range of wattage.


Against which chemicals is Kynar resistant?

  • Kynar is resistant to bases, ozone, alcohols, mineral acids, organic acids, halogenated solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and oxidizing environments. It’s specifically resistant to chlorine, sulfuric acid, and hydrocyanic acid.

Why is Kynar described as a tough plastic?

  • Kynar is known as a tough plastic because of its endurance, radiation resistance, high abrasion resistance, stress cracking resistance, and mechanical strength.

What is stress cracking?

  • Stress cracking occurs when a thermoplastic fails after exposure to certain chemicals or due to mechanical tugging or pulling.  Kynar has excellent tensile strength and broad chemical resistance, so it doesn’t stress crack easily.

Do I need to use Kynar on my metal roof?

Yes, a coating and substrate of Kynar is essential if you want your metal roof to last for a long time in terms of performance and aesthetics.

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