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Armour Rib

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Aluminum Classic Rib
Nom. 0.032″ thick, 36″ wide, aluminum through fastened roof panel over min. 15/32” thick plywood deck or 7/16″ thick OSB.

Approved for use in HVHZ: No
Approved for use outside HVHZ: Yes
Impact Resistant: N/A
Design Pressure:+N/A/-120
Other:Uplift load of 30 psf at fastener spacing of 36″ o.c. and 120 psf at fastener spacing of 6″
Installation Instructions for FL14645.5 – Aluminum Classic Rib
Verified By: Bala Sockalingam PE 62240
Created by Independent Third Party : Yes
Evaluation Reports : Yes
Evaluation Reports for FL14645.5 – Armour 5-V Crimp 0.032″ Aluminum
Created by Independent Third Party:Yes