5V Crimp

Aluminum 5V crimp metal roofing is a profile that has maintained its popularity over time. It is a classic design that offers both beauty and durability, with a traditional ocean side character. It can be applied beautifully to both commercial and residential buildings.

This roofing panel can be utilized for:

  • Multi-level homes
  • Condominiums
  • Offices
  • Medical centers
  • Retail stores
  • Residential homes
  • and many other structures

It provides 24” wide coverage and should be used on structures starting with minimum roof slope of 2 ½:12. Installing this type of panel is easily achieved.

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Color Options

*Please contact us for more info and color options.

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Florida Building Code Approval

11560.1Aluminum 5V-Crimp24″ wide, nom 0.032″ thick (min.) aluminum through fastened roof panel over min 15/32” thick plywood deck or 7/16″ thick OSB with fasteners through panel rib.
Limits of Use
Approved for use in HVHZ: No
Approved for use outside HVHZ: Yes
Impact Resistant: N/A
Design Pressure: +N/A/-161.5
Other: Uplift load of 30 psf at fastener spacing of 36″ o.c. and 161.5 psf at fastener spacing of 6″ o.c.
Installation Instructions
Verified By: Bala Sockalingam PE 62240
Created by Independent Third Party: Yes
Evaluation Reports
Created by Independent Third Party: Yes