Armour PBR Panel

Armour PBR panel is a strong panel that is enhanced by its minimal maintenance and ease of installation. Armour PBR provides unmatched flexibility for use in roofing, wall, interior and linear panel applications. These exposed fastener panels offer a cost-efficient yet architecturally attractive metal panel solution.

They also provide superior versatility in roofing projects with high wind load requirements and longer spans. The panel is ideal for roof slopes as low as 2:12, however, it can meet slopes of less than 2:12 in some applications. Featured with a purlin bearing leg and taller rib height allowing it to span up to 5’ 0”; making this panel ideal for use on metal buildings.

Because of their ability to be used in a diverse amount of applications and their superior durability, we are proud to provide Armour PBR panels in Florida and across the US. Talk to us today about this product to find out if it is the right choice for your next metal roofing project.

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PBR Panel