If you are installing or repairing your siding, there are facts to know before you begin. Home siding is not something that is discussed often, but it is a detail that can really change the overall look of your home. There are about 15 kind of siding but we are a firm believer that metal siding is a high-quality option for a wide array of reasons. Wooden siding can damage and rot too easily, plus it is extremely expensive. Aluminum siding is durable. It does not rust and can be painted again and again if colors were to fade. Steel siding is heavier and can last over 20 years. It is harder to install than aluminum siding but it’s less likely to dent. Whichever metal siding you decide on, know that they are all tough to chip or crack. Purchasing a high quality metal siding, and protective coatings, will ensure its durability. The only maintenance your metal sided buildings will require is a good power wash once in a while. A good wash a few times a year will help avoid dirt building and keep erosion to a minimum. This solution will also help homes and businesses achieve a “green” building code. Just like metal shingles that you can mimic the style and feel of different materials (like wood or stone coated), the same can go for steel siding. It can add beauty to any building or home.

metal siding