Permatile offers you the look of tile with all the advantages of metal. We provide this Permatile roofing product in Florida and across the United States to our clients as a durable, energy efficient metal roofing option.

Permatile features special infrared reflective coatings that meet Cool Color requirements. This helps to reduce the amount of heat absorbed into a structure and can lower energy consumption by up to 40% as compared to conventional roofing materials. This makes it a perfect green energy choice for a home or business. Choosing PermaTile is good for both the world around you and your pocket book due to the lowered cost of utilities each month.

Permatile panels are less than 1/10th the weight of traditional concrete tiles and 1/3rd the weight of asphalt singles. This means less stress on your structure over time and less concern at installation over the load weight your structure can bear.