shake metal roofingMetal roofs are often considered due to their high level of endurance, ability to withstand extreme weathering and their incredibly long lifespan. But people often pose hesitation due to their perceived belief that metal roofs are not stylistically compatible with their building’s design. Perhaps an HOA in the area has a shingles only policy or a community has strict guidelines on the appearance of one’s roof. The good news: metal roofs come in a much wider array of styles then they once did. In fact, metal roofs can be created to mimic the look of almost any conventional roofing type.

The Types of Metal

Metal roofing can be broken down into four main categories. We carry the following categories of metal roofing materials:

  • Exposed Fastenerclassic style of metal roofing
  • Standing Seam
  • Stone Coated
  • Trim & Accessories

Exposed fastener is a traditional style of metal roofing. This version is often what people envision when they hear of metal roofing. It is created with panels that create a durable, extremely weather resistant structure. This style can even be used as a siding option. Standing seam metal roofing is also a classic roofing style. These types of metal panels create a roof profile like the one seen above.

DECRA Villa TileStone coated metal roofing is the option for those who want a metal roof that stylistically mimics conventional systems. This metal roof material can be used to create a roof that looks the same as shingle roofing. Or if you are looking for a tile option, you can create a roofing system with this material that mimics the appearance of Spanish tile, Mediterranean tile or a variety of other tile styles. Stone coated metal roofing also comes in a variety of shake options, including a perfect mimic of cedar shake roofing.

The bottom line is this: metal roofing comes in an array of stylistic options. With the advent of new choices, metal roofing truly is an aesthetically pleasing option that brings a high level of endurance to classic styling. Feel free to browse our stone coated panel pages to learn more about the options available on the market today!