Miscellaneous DIY Projects

#1 DIY Metal Yard Art

Who doesn’t enjoy the whimsical look of yard art made from metal? You may have never considered creating your own fun bugs or flowers by welding them yourself, but it’s entirely possible to do so and can end up being a lifelong hobby. Many people use leftover materials from metal… Read more »

#2 DIY Rain Gutter Picnic Table Drink Trough

Repurposing your metal gutters Did you know that a metal rain gutter can become the perfect outdoor drink holder? As the spring heats up and summer is around the corner, we all take to our backyards for grill outs and evening get togethers. What better way to keep the drinks… Read more »

#3 DIY Metal Gutter Gardens

Metal gutters are an extremely important component of a roofing system. Their drainage of rain water is crucial in not only protecting the roof itself, but also the siding on your building and your foundation and landscaping. However, did you know that metal rain gutters can be… Read more »


#4 DIY Metal Headboard

DIY Metal Headboard has materials needed: 1 (desired size) Piece of Sheet Metal, Drill, Malco Metal Cutting Turbo Shears. First- You will want to decide the size of the headboard. Once you have the measurements- you’ll want to order the piece of sheet metal from 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply… Read more »

#5 Galvanized Window

Who says Metal Panels can only be used on the roof of your house? Bring the Metal indoors- with this quick and easy DIY Galvanized Window Project! Supplies Old Window Frame A Sheet of Galvalume Metal First- you’ll need to find a old window frame. Design as desired. Once you… Read more »

#6 Oversized Calendar

I am all for things that are big and exaggerated. So this larger than most- calendar was calling my name. What initially pushed me away from this, was the price tag. The large sum of $500! What surprised me even more, was knowing how much cost could be cut… Read more »

#7 Magnetic Board with Frame

Here’s what you’ll need: Picture Frame, Sheet Metal- available at 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply Tin Snips Magnets Once you have all the materials gathered, first you’ll want to measure the part of the frame that the metal will fit into. Draw measurements onto sheet metal with Sharpie. Cut your sheet with a pair… Read more »