Metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular in both residential and commercial sectors. People like them due to their sustainable construction, durability, and easy maintenance. Best of all, they come in a wide variety of colors to choose from, so it’s easy to add a little personality to your home or business. When choosing the color of your new roof, keep the following tips in mind.

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The architectural style of the building to be roofed should be kept in mind. A victorian style building can look great with a metal roof, but the color should be in line with the style. If your home is very modern, you can be a little more adventurous with color

Energy Conservation

If your goal is to lower your energy bill, it can be accomplished by installing a metal roof that is light in color. Think gray, white, ivory, tan, etc. Remember: darker colors absorb heat while lighter ones reflect it.

Surrounding Area

Many neighborhoods restrict what colors residents may paint their homes. There may be a theme in your neighborhood that limits the amount of colors you may choose from, but luckily there is a full spectrum of roofing color options. Even if your neighborhood doesn’t have any restrictions, it might be a good idea to color coordinate with your neighbors so as not to stick out like a sore thumb.

If you’re having a difficult time choosing a color for your roof, 1st coast has a handy visualizer that allows you to see what your roof will look like before you confirm your choice.  We offer many colors and styles of metal roofs, and would love to collaborate with you! If you’re looking for metal roofing in St. Augustine, Florida and the surrounding areas, including Georgia and the Caribbean, give us a call!