Gable trim

The importance of gable trim on a roof is commonly overlooked. It is seen as something to make the roof more aesthetically pleasing- and It is- but it is also much more than that.

What is it?

You may hear this trim referred to as many things:

  • Rake trim
  • Gable end
  • End caps

Gable trim is designed to finish off the edge of the gable-ends of a roof, more specifically, the upper portion of a sidewall that comes to a triangular point at the ridge of a sloping roof.

Where is it used?

On gable roofs OR you may have a porch coming off your hip roof OR you may just have a more complex roof with a few different angles, valleys, and a dormer with a gable here and there.


What’s its purpose?

Sure, gable trim makes the roof look more appealing since it is one of the finishing touches to conceal the edge of your panels on your home or building BUT it offers so much more than that: HOME DEFENSE

Rain can blow in any direction; we can all agree that the sole purpose of a metal roof is to have the most durable and long-term coverage on your home. If there are openings for things to get under your panels, such as water, debris, or even critters then what’s the point?

Capping off the ends of your panels with gable trim seals off that opening and shuts down the opportunity for anything unwanted to invade your roof deck. Without the proper flashing in these areas your home has this to look forward to:

  • ceiling leaks
  • interior damage
  • moisture damage
  • mold growth

and you, the homeowner, can look forward to this:

  • expensive repairs
  • possible health issues due to mold

avoid all of this by using the proper trim!