standing seam metal roof
Mistake #1 : Purchasing for the Sake of Price

This is a mistake many people make! They avoid metal roofs all together because it is more expensive upfront, but they end up having to redo the work performed not long after. If you live by the ocean, an aluminum roof could be the right long term solution for you. If you live in an area with a colder climate, with winters seeing heavy snow fall, make sure to keep that in mind when purchasing your metals. 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply can answer any question you have and make sure you are getting the right materials for your home.

Mistake #2: Too Much Sealant

If you think you can waterproof your metal roof by adding a thick layer of gawk on it, think again. If your aluminum panels are trimmed correctly, they will keep the water out. A sealant should be a secondary means of waterproofing your roof, not the main way to avoid leeks. Always put the sealant UNDER the panels, away from light and weather, to ensure it lasts long.

Mistake #3: Lapping the Panel Incorrectly

We do not recommend you install a metal roof on your own. You go to a doctor when you need a checkup, a lawyer when you need legal counseling, and the same should go for building. If you do have a construction background and know what you are doing- remember to put down the larger lip down first. It has an extra piece of metal, where the shorter piece of metal will cover.

Mistake #4 Not Double Checking the Foundation

Before installing, you must double and triple check your current roof to make sure there are no signs of water damage. Without a dry, solid surface to install the metal roofing, the metal could expand and contract. This can create gaps for moisture to seep in or worse- the metal roof could break loose all together.

Mistake #5 Forgetting to read the fine print

Be sure to read your warranty through before installation. An improper installation could void the warranty. This could cost you money if something goes wrong and you need to repair your roof. Provide the contractor the warranty as well to avoid any issues.