Closure Strips

Why should you be using these under your metal roofing?

It’s simple; the sole purpose of a metal roof is for long-term durability and home-defense against the elements. So why jeopardize that by leaving gaps for critters, pests and rain to get into? Doing so can be detrimental to your roof.

What are they?

Strips made of foam or other flexible material containing a bead of industrial adhesive that are used to seal the spaces left along the edges of the roof and beneath the ridge cap. With more than 450 standard profiles and custom sizes, their precise-fitting design makes sure they stay put when they are put into place.

What do they keep out?

  • Water/ wind-driven rain
  • Debris (leaves, moss, dust, dirt, etc.)
  • Pests (insects & rodents)

How easy are they to install?

It takes 1 set of hands and just 3 steps:

Make sure you are using the correct profile of the closure that will fit the panel being used

Place the corresponding closure strip in the proper location:

-The inside closure fits the underside of the panel (panel ends)

-The outside closure fits over your panel (beneath ridge cap)

Place metal roof material over the closure for a snug fit and attach material as normal

How are they priced/ sold?

Economically Priced with superior quality, we sell these strips in packs for more bang for your buck!

Choose to protect your investment; you installed a metal roof for a reason so keep out what will keep it from doing what it is made to do