Classic Rib


Panel Overview

  • Finishes: MS Colorfast45® and Acrylic Coated Galvalume®
  • Substates:
    Acrylic Coated Galvalume® – AZ55 per ASTM A792
    MS Colorfast45® – AZ50 per ASTM A792 or G60, G90, & G100 per ASTM A653
  • Gauge: 26ga and 29ga standard, 24ga available at select branches
  • 36″ panel coverage, 3/4″ rib height
  • Bell top trapezoidal rib on 9″ centers
  • Exposed fastened, low profi le panel
  • Applies over open framing or solid substrate



  • UL 2218, Class 4 Impact Resistance
  • UL 790, Class A Fire Resistance Rating
  • 2007 Florida Building Code Approved 7490.1, 7490.2, 8131.2, 9107.2, 9482.1, 9482.2, 10916.3, 11560.1
  • Miami-Dade County Approved 06-0410.08, 07-0731.08
  • UL 580 Class 90 Wind Uplift Construction Numbers 560, 584
  • Texas Wind Storm Evaluation RC-161
  • ASTM E 455-04, Diaphram Capacity

General Information


The minimum recommended slope for Classic Rib® roof panel is 3:12.

Classic Rib® is designed to be utilized over open structural framing, or a solid substrate. To avoid panel distortion, use a properly aligned and uniform substructure.

Classic Rib® panels are available in a 3/4″ rib height with a coverage width of 36″.

Minimum factory cut length is 5′-0″. Maximum recommended panel length is 45′-0″. Longer panels require additional consideration in packaging, shipping, and erection. Please consult Metal Sales for recommendations.

The fastener selection guide should be consulted for choosing the proper fastener for specifi c applications. Quantity and type of fastener must meet necessary loading and code requirements.

NOTE: All panels are subject to surface distortion due to improperly applied fasteners. Overdriven fasteners will cause stress and induce oil canning across the face of the panel at or near the point of attachment.

Finishes: Acrylic Coated Galvalume® or MS Colorfast45® Gauge: 26ga and 29ga standard, 24ga optional.

  1. Theoretical section properties have been calculated per AISI 2001. “Specifi cations for the Design of Cold-formed Steel Structural Members.” Ixx and Sxx are effective section properties for defl ection and bending.
  2. Allowable load is calculated in accordance with AISI 2001 specifi cations considering bending, shear, combined bending and sheer and defl ection. Allowable load considers the worst case of 3 and 4 equal span conditions. Allowable load does not address web crippling or fasteners/support connection and panel weight is not considered.
  3. Defl ection consideration is limited by a maximum defl ection ratio of L/180 of span.
  4. Allowable loads do not include a 1/3 stress increase in uplift.
  5. Diaphram Capacity – 296 plf average Ultimate Shear Strength using the above fastening pattern on 2x supports located 2′ on center per ASTM E 455-04.