There are a lot of people that are building smaller homes. There can be many reasons for this. One factor is of course upkeep costs and energy efficiency. If you are considering building a smaller home, then you need to consider the advantages metal roofing can have for you.

Metal Is Light And Strong

Some smaller homes are prebuilt and delivered or come in kits that have to travel a long way to get to you. Commercial metal roofing is lightweight and strong which reduces shipping costs and the amount of labor involved in putting your roof on.

Stands Up To High Winds

Just because you are building a small home doesn’t mean that all the major factors relevant to a larger home don’t need to be considered. When properly installed, metal roofing can resist winds that would cause a lot of damage to a traditional shingle roof. This can be a major benefit if you are in a high wind area.


Metal roofing has an unjustified reputation for costing more. When you compare the long-term costs and benefits, it is far more economical to get a metal roof initially. Whereas many traditional shingle roofs last for 30 years, a metal roof will last 2-3 times longer. If metal roofs are repainted occasionally over the years, they can continue for even longer.

Choice Of Color

Why not try a fun color for your new home? Metal roofing comes in a rainbow of colors and styles so you can let your creative side out. Green is a favorite color for small cabins whereas a beach house might look good with a teal blue roof. If you want a wild look, you can even use multiple colors of metal shingles or choose a unique patina.