Homeowners often overlook the task of maintaining their roof despite it being one of the most integral parts of home maintenance. Ignoring signs that repairs are needed or simply not checking up on your roof every once in a while could lead to unnecessary expenses. Some roofing options, like metal roofing, can last a long time without necessary repairs, while others are less durable. Let’s go over some signs that your roof could be in need of repair.


The age of your roof is one factor homeowners should always keep in mind. Older roofs will have gone through a bit more wear and tear, so they are more likely to be in need of repairs. Replacing the entire roof is something that should be considered based on roofing material. With proper maintenance, the general guidelines for roof replacement are:

  •                Asphalt Shingles: Last up to 30 years
  •                Wood/Shake Shingles: Last up to 30 Years
  •                Clay Tiles:  Last up to 50 years
  •                Metal Roofing: Can last 50-75 years

Shingle Quality

If shingles are missing or seem to be deteriorating, that is a definite sign of needed repair. If your roof seems to be discolored in areas, the granules of the shingles are most likely wearing away.


Periodic checking of your roof’s gutters can give a good indication of the quality of your roof. If your gutters have broken pieces of shingle granules, it may be time for a roof inspection.


A leak is probably the most obvious sign that your roof should be looked at. No need to go into detail here.

A Spongy/Bouncy Feel

If when walking on your roof you notice a trampoline like bounce, it means that the deck of the roof is weakened by moisture.
Roof repair is clearly an important part of overall home maintenance. Investing in a high quality roofing material such as metal roofing can save you money in the long run.1st Coast Metal Roofing is the premier metal roofing company servicing St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Daytona, and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us to explore your metal roofing options!