Valspar Metal Roofing Paint


Designed for the Harshest Coastal Environments

Flurothane® Coastal coatings are a premium fluoropolymer (PVDF)system developed for use in the most extreme coastal environments(i.e. less than 1500’ from the coastline). What makes this systemunique is the use of an innovative thick film primer.

Flurothane Coastal system is field-proven and provides a highperformance exterior finish. The system delivers outstandingresistance to ultraviolet rays, exceptional color retentionand resistance to chalking from salt spray and harsh coastalenvironments.

Flurothane Coastal coatings are available in a wide variety of colors,including energy efficient Solar Reflective (SR) formulations andMica/Metallic finishes.

Flurothane Coastal coatings can be applied to a varietyof substrates:

  • Hot-Dip Galvanized (HDG)
  • Galvalume®
  • Aluminum

End Uses:
Flurothane Coastal is an ideal solution for:

  • Roof panel systems
  • Wall panel systems

Coastal Warranty 20/20/20*
Flurothane Coastal coatings offer outstanding warranty coverage:

  • 20 years for film integrity
  • 20 years for color/fade
  • 20 years for chalk

*Certain warranty conditions apply. Excludes failure due to substrate corrosion. Check warranty agreement for details.

(1) All substrates must be properly preteated. (2) American Society for Testing and Materials. (3)Flurothane Coastal system is not designed to bridge cracks in the substrate. (4) Varies by color. (5)Flurothane Coastal system will generally meet the requirements for most post-painted fabricationprocesses. However, variations in metal quality, thickness or cleaning/pretreatment applications canlead to diminished flexibility.

For details and health, safety and handling information, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available at

Flurothane® Coastal is a registered trademark of The Valspar Corporation. Galvalume® is a registered trademark of BIEC International, Inc.