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What Exactly is Green Roofing?

If you are looking for a way to make creative use of space that you probably don’t think about much, green roofing might just be your answer. Green roofs are starting to appeal to regular homeowners, business owners, and even cities as a fantastic way to promote the environment while solving some of the issues that can arise with regular roofs.

First, a definition – a green roof is the top of a home or business that is either partially or fully covered with some type of vegetation and dirt, all layered over a waterproof membrane. It can also include roots and a drainage and irrigation system. Container gardens do not usually count as a true green roof.

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Why Would you Install a Green Roof?

Several reasons come to mind. They typically last longer than regular roofs, and they absorb rainwater and provide insulation for a building (thus reducing energy costs). They create a wildlife habitat, give you a peaceful place to relax and provide an aesthetically pleasing look.

Thanks to the fact that plants produce oxygen, they also improve air quality and help lower temperatures, especially in a city where they can reduce the heat effects of city and suburban developments. Green roofing can make your roof last more than 200 percent longer, and it can also add to the real estate value of your home.

The energy efficiency is worth noting again. Because the thermal qualities of a roof are improved with the plants, green roofing helps buildings to retain more heat during the cold winter months. It also reflects and absorbs solar radiation in the summer, which lets the building stay cooler than it normally would.

There are two main types of green roofs – intensive roofs, which have a minimum depth of 5 inches and can support a wide variety of plants, but which are thicker and heavier and need more maintenance. Extensive roofs are more shallow (from one to five inches) and lighter, and so need much less maintenance.

Some people also use the term green roof to refer to roofs that make use of some form of green technology, such as solar thermal collectors, photovoltaic panels or anything else that provides an alternative form of energy for your home.


To find out more about green roofing and how it can benefit you, call our friendly team at 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply today!


5 Ways Metal Roofing Protects Your Home During a Hurricane

When a hurricane is approaching, you are worried about two things: protecting yourself and your family, and protecting your home. One method to ease your mind regarding home damage is to install a metal roof. Metal roofing in Florida is a great precautionary measure; we all know how hurricane season can get. Although they typically cost more, metal roofs are resistant to rain, wind, hail, freezing and thawing, and more. They generally last the longest (50 years or more!) and are the most durable. With that in mind, here’s a look at five ways metal roofing protects your home during a Florida hurricane.

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  1. Strength and Durability: Because metal is so strong and durable, it can withstand hurricane-force winds, even if the winds include other debris. You don’t have to worry about metal shingles ripping up and flying away.


  1. Interlocking installation: Just about all metal roofs are installed with overlapping seams between the metal panels.This overlapping area of the roof gives your home double protection from panels being blown away by the wind. To get the best wind resistance, make sure the lowest fasteners on the panels are placed close to the eave of the roof.


  1. Tax credits: Because a metal roof is more energy efficient than typical roofing material, it’s possible you can qualify for tax credits if you install a metal roof on your home. Check with your tax professional to find out for sure. If you do get a credit, you can further hurricane-proof your home with the savings! Some insurance companies also give a discount if you install a metal roof.


  1. Leak prevention: The overlapping seams of the metal panels work to keep more water out of your home during a hurricane. This is especially important to prevent water damage to the rest of your home, including the chance of mold.


  1. Fire resistance: If the hurricane causes a fire to start as electric lines are snapped and tossed around, your metal roof is much more resistant to the fire (and can slow its spread) than a typical shingle roof would be.


One last note: make sure you hire a Florida roofing company with experience installing metal roofs. Installation requires techniques that only specialized roofers know, and you don’t want an inexperienced worker fumbling around on your roof.

For more information on how to protect your home with a metal roof, call 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply today!


Metal Siding- Let’s Talk About it

If you are installing or repairing your siding, there are facts to know before you begin. Home siding is not something that is discussed often, but it is a detail that can really change the overall look of your home. There are about 15 kind of siding but we are a firm believer that metal siding is the best option for a wide array of reasons. Wooden siding can damage and rot too easily, plus it is extremely expensive. Aluminum siding is durable. It does not rust and can be painted again and again if colors were to fade. Steel siding is heavier and can last over 20 years. It is harder to install than aluminum siding but it’s less likely to dent. Whichever metal siding you decide on, know that they are all tough to chip or crack. Purchasing a high quality metal siding, and protective coatings, will ensure its durability. The only maintenance your metal sided buildings will require is a good power wash once in a while. A good wash a few times a year will help avoid dirt building and keep erosion to a minimum. This solution will also help homes and businesses achieve a “green” building code. Just like metal shingles that you can mimic the style and feel of different materials (like wood or stone coated), the same can go for steel siding. It can add beauty to any building or home.

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Energy Efficient Tax Credit

energy star requirements

When it comes to roofing, many of us tend not to over think it. Despite a lack of awareness, the type of roofing material and even the paint coating used is of high importance. Our experts at 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply have come across Valspar’s Energy Star coating and all of the perks their product encompass.

Federal Tax Credits

Let’s start with the good news, Congress has extended the Energy Efficiency Tax Home Improvement Tax Credit until December 31st, 2016. Simply, you could claim 10% of the cost of home improvement, excluding installation/labor fees, up to a maximum of $500. Extensions have been made for installations on residents “principal residence” between January 1st, 2011 and December 31st, 2016. It is vital to save your receipts and the Manufacturer’s Certification Statement for your records.

Why Choose Valspar?

When choosing a paint coating for our metal roofs, we choose Valspar to ensure the most beneficial results in our work. A little background on the company: Valspar Corporation is the #1 manufacturer of “Cool Roofs” coatings in the United States. This is how your roof benefits from Valspar:


  • Energy Star Certified Roof Products
  • Product qualifies for the tax credit allowed under the law
  • Reduces the heat absorption
  • Coatings that excel in both beauty and function
  • Offers a wide array of cool colors
  • Includes Qualified Fluropon or WeatherXL coating


Importance of a Manufacturers Certification

Acquiring and storing a copy of the manufacturers certification statement is important for proof of service. In addition, to be eligible for the tax credit you will have to present the certificate to verifythe materials being used on your roof. All Valspar certifications are available on their website for customers to retrieve as needed.

If you would like to know more about the Energy Efficiency Tax Home Improvement Tax Credit or the benefits of using Valspar’s coating, 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply would be more than happy to provide you with answers. Give us a call at 386-227-5011 today!


Metal Roof Myths

standing seam metal roof

Be knowledgeable before writing off metal roofs! Countless misconceptions have come about since residential metal roofing came onto the scene. Here are some common myths associated with metal roofing and their installation:

#1. Metal roofs dent easily: Metal roofs today are made to withhold harsh weather conditions: think hailstorms, rainstorms, even hurricanes. They can also withstand winds up to 150 MPH. We do not advise you to walk on your metal roof for long periods of time, however, you can walk on it without causing damage. Always check with the manufacturer of the product you choose to make sure.

#2. Metal roofing will make your house colder in the winter: This is not true. In fact, a metal roof has no effect on the temperature of a home during the winter. They are excellent insulators and can adjust your heating and cooling costs for the better. 

#3. My home is more likely to get struck by lightening if I have a metal roof: A metal roof is non-combustible, actually making it safer if struck by lightening. People think because metal conducts electricity that lightening is drawn to it. Again, this is a false perception. It is actually unusual for lighting to strike a building and if it were to strike a building or home with a metal roof, the energy would disperse more easily, avoiding damage. Remember, lightning usually strikes the tallest object in the area, which is often a tree or a telephone pool.

#4. Having a metal roof will cause more noise: People think that rain and hail hitting a metal roof will make unnecessary noise when in fact, a metal roof on your home will actually silence noise from bad weather conditions better than asphalt shingle roofs. Install with solid sheathing and you can rest assured you will sleep right through a storm!

Knowing the facts can change your opinion on metal roofs. If you have any more questions, call 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply. We can help you make an informed decision on what material is best for you and your home.


The Right Roof

There are a number of metals used as roofing materials but aluminum roofing offers a superior resistance to corrosion. Do not mistake its lightness for weakness! In fact, its strength-to-weight ratio is admired as highest compared to most metals. That is right! A thinner piece of aluminum can do the same, if not, better job than a thicker piece of a different metal. Aluminum tends to be very pliable and malleable, making it easier for installers to work with. An aluminum roof provides durable protection that has been proven to be a money and life saver.

aluminum roofing

Metal roofing (not only aluminum) is fire resistant. This noncombustible material can also help save energy. Metal roofing reflects solar radiation usually absorbed by the first level of a home. Reflecting of solar energy can actually help keep your AC bill down since the solar energy is reflected and then emitted, rather than transmitted into heat. Not only can metal roofing save you money, and who isn’t trying to do that, but it is known to last two times longer than roofs with asphalt shingles. Longevity means less of a likelihood you will have to pay for another roof down the road..which means even more cost savings! Are you seeing why the use of aluminum for roofing has become so popular? It requires very little maintenance, can last for about 35 years, and offers outstanding corrosion resistance. Still not a believer? Let’s talk about how great aluminum can be aesthetically. The color options are endless. The Classic Rib Cut offers a sleek, polished look perfect for multi-level homes, condos, offices, retail stores and more. If lowering your energy bill made your eyes widen with excitement, the Flange Panel Option will deflect heat and save you money on cooling costs. Metal roofs with orange or brown metallic paint can contrast well with the foliage surrounding your winter home. A sandstone beige can blend beautifully with a beach house. A pale gray can give a barn an up-to-date, modern flakier. The options are endless!



Common Metal Roof Mistakes

standing seam metal roof
Mistake #1 : Purchasing for the Sake of Price

This is a mistake many people make! They avoid metal roofs all together because it is more expensive upfront, but they end up having to redo the work performed not long after. If you live by the ocean, an aluminum roof could be the right long term solution for you. If you live in an area with a colder climate, with winters seeing heavy snow fall, make sure to keep that in mind when purchasing your metals. 1st Coast Metal Roofing Supply can answer any question you have and make sure you are getting the best materials for your home.

Mistake #2: Too Much Sealant

If you think you can waterproof your metal roof by adding a thick layer of gawk on it, think again. If your aluminum panels are trimmed correctly, they will keep the water out. A sealant should be a secondary means of waterproofing your roof, not the main way to avoid leeks. Always put the sealant UNDER the panels, away from light and weather, to ensure it lasts long.

Mistake #3: Lapping the Panal Incorrectly

We do not recommend you install a metal roof on your own. You go to a doctor when you need a checkup, a lawyer when you need legal counseling, and the same should go for building. If you do have a construction background and know what you are doing- remember to put down the larger lip down first. It has an extra piece of metal, where the shorter piece of metal will cover.

Mistake #4 Not Double Checking the Foundation

Before installing, you must double and triple check your current roof to make sure there are no signs of water damage. Without a dry, solid surface to install the metal roofing, the metal could expand and contract. This can create gaps for moisture to seep in or worse- the metal roof could break loose all together.

Mistake #5 Forgetting to read the fine print

Be sure to read your warranty through before installation. An improper installation could void the warranty. This could cost you money if something goes wrong and you need to repair your roof. Provide the contractor the warranty as well to avoid any issues.

Metal Roofing Buying Guide

metal shingles

Deciding on a metal roof for your home is a great choice. You know metal shingles are durable. You know there are an abundance of metal roof colors to choose from. You know there are countless metal roofing materials that are top quality. You clearly did your homework, but now what? Now you must choose the look for your metal roof that fits with your taste. Metal roofs for residential properties comes in two forms: sheet-like panels and shingles. Although they are both made from the same substance, they are very different in appearance.

Standing seam metal roofing panels offer clean, linear elegance. They offer a contemporary appearance and are favored by architects whose clients are attracted to a modern aesthetic. From there you have options. You can decide on a mechanical seam, which can be roll-formed and curved, to span the entirety of the roof without end seams. There is also the structural standing seam which includes Hidden Fastener and Mechanically Seamed side lap panels.

Metal shingle-style roofing and sheet roofing are very different. Metal shingle style roofs offer a classic look that have a traditional, distinctive style. From there you have wood shakes, or slates, to choose from. These shingles can be stone coated, or stone coated shake, which offers distinctive beauty and richness of cedar.

Metal roofing installation is more expensive in general to do, because it takes specialized tools and training for contractors. Even though it might be more money upfront, its less money in the long run because the materials last longer. But you should know there is a cost difference between the two above options: typically the instillation of metal shingles is about 20% cheaper than the cost of standing seams. This is another decision that must be made. It might take some time to pick and choose the roof that is just right for you, but once it goes up, your home will typically have a 6% resale value gain, and that is always a good thing!


What’s Next for Metal Roofing?

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There comes a point in many homeowners lives when they have to consider installing a new roof. Whether a rough winter lead to constant leaks, or you have too many loose roof panels to count, a roof redo can be costly and you want to make sure you do it right. We have come a long way from a time where asphalt shingles were associated with personal homes, while metal shingles were only seen as an industrial or agricultural product. To understand where the metal roofing industry is heading we must first understand how this industry came about. Copper has played a significant role in the building of architecture for decades. Copper roof shingles and other metal roofs are admired on temples all over the world. The Pantheon and St Mary’s Cathedral are two landmarks, to name a few, where metal was used in the initial construction. In the United States, copper domes on courthouses and state capital buildings that date back hundreds of years, still carry their original roofs today. These roofs have withstood weather, war, and are not only still functioning properly but also aesthetically beautiful. The proof is in the pudding- a metal roof’s endurance cannot be overlooked. Over the past 30 to 40 years, steel and aluminum producers partnered with the paint and coating industries to develop finishes for these metal roof panels. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners are still overlooking metal as a feasible option as a material for roofing. Many are still unaware of the different finishes available. They believe the sleek, sophisticated, and often sexy look of a home or building with a metal roof is too modern and cold for their taste. That is when Stone Coated Tile was created to emulate the beauty and style of Mediterranean tile. The lightweight stone components coated the steel to offer a unique elegance to any home. Stone Coated Villa Tile combines the superior performance of steel with the classic beauty, elegance and architectural detail of an old world Italian tile. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the look and feel of the roof you want. Still, the residential sector has a long way to catch up. What is next for metal roofing is educating contractors, designers, and architects about metal roofs and their wide array of finishes. Metal offers an eye catching alternative for the newer, more modern looking homes being built but it is not the only option. Metal panels are lightweight enough to be installed directly over an old roof of a home that needs an update. A good roof is durable and attractive and that is what metal shingles provide for buildings, homes, schools, and more.


How to Avoid a Roof Leak

A leaky roof is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Nobody likes dealing with the stress that a leaky roof entails, so it’s best to practice roof maintenance on a regular basis. Here are some tips on how to avoid a leaky roof.

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Replace Shingles Right Away

Extreme weather may account for some missing shingles on your roof. Even the most durable steel shingles can be damaged or swept off in a particularly strong hurricane (though, not often). Replacing your steel shingles as quickly as possible will avoid leaks. A quick walk around your roof every so often to make sure there is nothing missing will pay off.

Clean your Gutters

Debris that continually collects in your gutters needs to be removed. A buildup of leaves, twigs, and other debris will prevent water from properly draining from your roof. This water then soaks through, causing a leak.

Maintain Flashing

Flashing is a material that seals metal roofs where roofing meets things like skylights and chimneys. If nails unscrew over time, or if the caulk dries out, the seal may be broken, thus causing a leak.

Replace Roofing when Necessary

A roof replacement isn’t something that needs to be done very often. Common roofing materials like asphalt shingles may need to be replaced every 20 years or so to avoid really bad problems, but metal roofing stands the test of time better than any other roofing material. An investment in a metal roof will leave you virtually problem free for about 50 years.

1st Coast specializes in residential, commercial, and agricultural metal roofing supplies. We stand by our products and truly believe in the awesome benefits of metal roofing. If you’re interested in a quality metal roof for your Florida home or business, we’re the people you want to call!